Adoption & Beyond, an adoption agency in Kansas and Missouri, has earned the Gold Seal of Transparency from GuideStar. GuideStar gathers, organizes, and distributes information about U.S. nonprofits. Its mission is to revolutionize philanthropy by providing information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving. Users obtain this information through GuideStar’s website, products, and more than 200 sites and applications that incorporate the GuideStar data.

What Are the Seals of Transparency?

GuideStar’s Seals of Transparency indicate that a nonprofit has provided key information to its Nonprofit Profile. This recognition shows a commitment to transparency. By providing up-to-date information, nonprofits enable potential donors and funders to make informed decisions.

The Gold Seal of Transparency includes all the requirements for the Bronze and Silver Seals. The Bronze Seal information disclosures include contact information, mission statement, name of the organization leader and board chair, program names and descriptions, and population and geographic area served by the program. To receive the Silver Seal of Transparency, the nonprofit must make available an audited financial report or basic financial information.

To earn the Gold Seal of Transparency, a nonprofit must not only meet the criteria of the Bronze and Silver Seals, but it must also answer five charting impact questions. Gold Seal nonprofits disclose their goals, strategies, capabilities, indicators, and progress. The Gold Seal of Transparency indicates that a nonprofit has disclosed the important information that potential donors and funders need to make educated and confident decisions.

About Adoption & Beyond

Licensed by the states of Kansas and Missouri, Adoption & Beyond is a not-for-profit child-placing agency that assists with domestic, embryo, international, and private adoptive services. Adoption & Beyond seeks to meet the needs of children, birth parents, and adoptive parents by offering compassionate adoption services. Having regional adoption staff placed in Kansas and Missouri enables Adoption & Beyond to work with families residing throughout both states.

The adoption agency’s mission is to provide education, support, and quality services to people seeking to build their families through adoption. The team helps gather and prepare the social background documents required for the process. Adoption & Beyond counsels women and men in considering all the options for their child and provides for their emotional needs as they make preparations for and participate in an adoption plan.

Several factors make Adoption & Beyond a unique agency. Adoption & Beyond is committed to agency transparency, which builds the trust and confidence of potential parents. This commitment is demonstrated in the agency’s efforts to earn GuideStar’s Gold Seal of Transparency.

The adoption service offers free, no-obligation office consultations to families so that they can learn more about adoption. Because Adoption & Beyond believes in working together with other adoption professionals to find loving families for children, the team networks with local, national, and international adoption resources. The adoption agency also sponsors workshops that present information on various adoption topics to educate the public about the positive aspects of adoption.

The knowledgeable and committed staff have been both personally and professionally touched by adoption. Team members take the time to talk with families and remain available to answer questions throughout the adoption process and beyond. Adoption & Beyond is also committed to providing humanitarian aid to children in need.

A full-service adoption agency serving Kansas and Missouri, Adoption & Beyond is committed to finding nurturing, permanent families for children by functioning as a licensed not-for-profit child-placing agency. Adoption & Beyond is built upon respect for life and family development. These principles are at the core of its various adoption programs.


For more information about Adoption & Beyond, visit the website at https://adoption-beyond.org. The team can be contacted by phone at 1 (913) 381-6919.


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