Adoption & Beyond, a child-placing agency serving families in Kansas and Missouri, has released an online guide to help adoptive families navigate life after their new child comes home. The guide, entitled “The Ultimate Guide to Family Life After Adoption,” is filled with informative articles and resources that cover topics including transitioning a child into the home, parenting through adoption, and facing the challenges of being an adoptive parent.

In the guide, Adoption & Beyond covers five broad topics.

Transitioning Home After Adoptive Placement

There is no feeling more precious than bringing home a child for the first time. Whether children come by way of natural birth or through adoption, the sense of happiness and amazement is indescribable. Adoption & Beyond helps adoptive parents prepare for the arrival of a new child with helpful articles such as “How to Prepare Before Your Adopted Child Comes Home” and “5 Tips for to Transition Home after Adopting Your Child.”

Adoptive Parenting

Adoption is a big decision that requires planning, research, and plenty of support. Preparing for the arrival of a child can be an emotional rollercoaster. Before welcoming the newest family member, it is essential to take some time to consider all the changes that are about to happen in life and what these changes mean for the future. Articles on this subject include:

  • “How to Prepare Emotionally for Adopting a Child”
  • “Tips for Bonding with Your Adopted Child”
  • “Best Books on Adoptive Parenting”

Parenting Through Challenges

Adopting a child is a beautiful journey filled with purpose, love, and challenges. Understanding the adoptive child’s history will help parents meet and overcome challenges more easily as well as strengthening the bond that is nurtured between parent and child. Adoption & Beyond recommends that adoptive parents read the articles “Understanding an Adopted Child’s History” and “Parenting Techniques for Children.”

Talking to a Child About Adoption

Adoption & Beyond works closely with families in Kansas and Missouri as they undergo the adoption process. Throughout the whole process, the team supports parents and children. One of the questions the adoption agency frequently receives is, “When and how do we talk to a child about his or her adoption?” To help parents lovingly overcome this obstacle, Adoption & Beyond has compiled information on this topic, including articles entitled “Talking to Your Child About Adoption” and “The Best Adoption Books for Children.”

Stories From Adoptive Families

The adoption process does not end once a child is placed with a family, but it continues as the child grows within the family. Individuals and families have graciously shared their stories about adoption so that others can be encouraged in the journey of adoption.

  • “Life After Adoption: The Kelly Family”
  • “Our Lives Changes When We Adopted – The Pommier Family Story”
  • “Life After Adoption: One Family’s Story on Adopting Three Siblings”
  • “Honest and Touching Quotes from Adoptees”

A full-service adoption agency serving Kansas and Missouri, Adoption & Beyond is committed to finding nurturing, permanent families for children by functioning as a licensed not-for-profit child-placing agency. Adoption & Beyond is built upon a respect for life and family development, principles that are the foundation of its various adoption programs.


For more information about Adoption & Beyond, visit the website at https://adoption-beyond.org. The team can be contacted by phone at 1 (913) 381-6919.


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