The Power of Lullabies



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Many of us grew up with our parents singing us to sleep with a variety of lullabies. The soothing sounds of their voices calmed any fears about the monster in the closet or below the bed. And the lullabies also became synonymous with comfort and sleep. Lullabies are especially important for children who struggle to sleep alone or through the night, but they also play an important role for adoptive parents bonding with their children.

Parent/Child Bonding

Singing lullabies to your child is an intimate way to bond. The sounds of the parents’ voices, coupled with the soothing environment, create feelings of togetherness and warmth. These feelings all lead to developing attachment – something especially important with babies – and create an early relationship between parent and child.

Don’t feel intimated by the singing either. It doesn’t matter so much what you say as how you say it. The soothing, melodic voice, adding in the name of your adoptive child, plus the cozy feeling the child gets from spending close personal time with you is what establishes the real benefit of singing a lullaby. So if you sing out of tune or don’t remember the words, don’t worry! The benefits are all still there, whether you can hold a tune or not.

Creating A Routine

Another important aspect of singing a lullaby to your child is the routine it creates. From establishing a bedtime, to creating a known routine, all of these steps will help your child sleep better through the night. Depending on your particular needs you may sing the lullaby over the crib, from a rocker in the room, or even in the doorway so that you can exit making the least amount of noise.

Scientific Evidence

If you need more convincing about the power of the lullaby, then read about this research that showed that lullabies reduce anxiety, pain, and heart rates in children. As Dr. Pickett says in the study, parents have been singing lullabies to their children for thousands of years. While we’ve known that lullabies can be helpful, we now know there are tangible health benefits.


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