Finalizing Your Adoption

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There are a number of things to consider when finalizing your adoption.

Let’s start with a common question I get from hopeful adoptive families: “Can a birth mother change her mind after she has signed her paperwork?”

First, let’s clarify a few terms. When a mom is signing to an agency, her paperwork is typically called a relinquishment. When she is signing to the adopting family, it is typically called a consent. The period that a birth mom has to rescind her relinquishment or her consent really varies from state to state. Your adoption attorney and placing agency will share with you what time frame a birth mom has to be able to change her mind after she signs her paperwork.

It’s important to know what the laws for finalization are in your state, as the time frames are different.

For example, in Kansas you typically finalize within 30-60 days, and in Missouri you typically finalize at the 6 month mark. Getting this timeline from your child placing agency or your adoption attorney will be important for you in the finalization process.

When you finalize your adoption, here is what you can typically expect to receive:

  • A new birth certificate (called an amended birth certificate)
  • A new social security card
  • Your final adoption decree

Not to worry, your adoption attorney will help you take care of all of those steps after finalization.

One last thing to consider when finalizing your adoption

Knowing what kind of relationship you’re going to continue having with the birth family after placement. My suggestion would be for you to know ahead of time what each party plans to do after placement.

You’re in the home stretch! Don’t get too worried about these final details, and feel free to check out my YouTube video on finalizing your adoption for more information. I’m here to help!

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