Why does a birth mother willingly make an adoption plan and then feel sadness after placement?

  • An adoption placement is a loss for a birth mother
  • A birth mother experiences grief and loss similar to the grief and loss of a parent that has a child pass away
  • The birth mother has shared a bond with the baby for the last 9 months, whether conscious or not
  • A birth mother may really want to parent but doesn’t believe she has the resources or in the right circumstance to provide for a child at this time
  • The birth mother has a connection to the child she has nourished and sustained life for
  • The decision to place a child for adoption is an extremely difficult decision and it takes a lot of time and consideration
  • The birth mother may have no outside support or education regarding adoption prior to placement
  • Society, friends, and/or family may not provide a safe space for the birth mother to grieve
  • The majority of birth mothers that choose to place their child for adoption do so out of love and with the loss of someone we love, comes sadness


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