Creating Your Adoption Parent Profile

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Setting up your adoption profile

An adoption parent profile is an introduction tool to expecting parents on helping them choose the best hopeful adoptive parents that they feel is perfect for their child. This helps them get to know your family and visualize the baby growing up in your family.

At Adoption & Beyond, we have a family create not only just a physical copy of a photobook, but we also have families create an online profile as well. Each profile is unique and should showcase who you are, not who you think an expecting mom wants you to be.

Your adoption profile should include:
  • An introduction to your family, extended family, and community.
  • What activities your family enjoys doing, as well as your beliefs, traditions, and values.
  • Photos and descriptions.
  • Sharing your feelings about adoption and show respect to the expecting parents.
Your adoption profile should exclude:
  • Old photos or blurry photos.
  • Multiple wedding photos.
  • Mentioning money.
  • Assuming the baby is yours.
  • Dwelling on your infertility.

Though sometimes adoption profiles feel like a competition tool, these profiles are used to show your family, and eventually, the right mom will find you. The bottom line is to let your profile show you who you are as a family and the love that you can provide to a child that you’ll have someday in your family.


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