Adoption & Beyond is a not-for-profit child placing agency licensed by the states of Kansas and Missouri. Adoption & Beyond assists with domestic, embryo, international and private adoptive services. Adoption & Beyond strives to meet the needs of children, prospective birth parents and prospective adoptive parents by providing quality services for adoption in Kansas and Missouri.


Adoption & Beyond is committed to finding nurturing, permanent families for children by functioning as a licensed not-for-profit child placing agency. Adoption & Beyond is built upon a respect for life and family development. These principles are the foundation of our various adoption services.


TO PROVIDE education, support and quality services for people seeking to build their families through adoption and to assist in gathering and preparing the social background documents needed in the process.

TO ASSIST women and men in looking at all life giving options for their child and by providing for their emotional needs as they prepare and participate in an adoption plan.

TO SPONSOR workshops in order to educate the public regarding the positive aspects of adoption by presenting information on various adoption topics.

How We’re Unique


  • We offer free no-obligation office consultations to families so they can learn more about adoption.
  • We are a 501(c)(3) self-supporting, not-for-profit, child placing agency licensed in both Kansas and Missouri.
  • We have regional adoption workers placed throughout Kansas and Missouri which enables us to work with families residing anywhere in both states.
  • We believe in working together with other adoption professionals to find loving families for children. Therefore, we have been networking with local, national and international adoption resources since we opened our doors in 1998.
  • We offer an organized home study process which includes a detailed, easy-to-follow home study packet.
  • We strive to begin the home study process within a few days of a family’s initial inquiry. Our typical time frame to complete a home study is four to six weeks.
  • We are well-respected for the quality of our home study services and reports and our home studies can be utilized for a local, national or international adoption.
  • Our knowledgeable and committed staff members have been both personally and professionally touched by adoption.
  • We take the time to talk personally with families when they call, and we remain available to answer questions throughout the adoption process and beyond.
  • We are committed to providing humanitarian aid to children in need.
  • We are members of professional child welfare organizations on both the local and national level.

Our Beliefs

  • The appropriate perspective on adoption views the prospective adoptive parent(s) as a resource to the prospective birth family and their child, not vice versa.
  • Adoption is the transfer of parental responsibilities, which preserves the relationship between the birth and adoptive family and features a commitment to lifelong relatedness.
  • Children benefit from a continuing connection to their birth family or country of origin. Therefore, the agency will assist birth and adoptive families in their reasonable efforts to stay connected.
  • Every form of adoption must center on meeting the needs of the adopted child over the years. Therefore, we believe in the innate goodness of the adults involved and in their ability to put the child’s interests above their own.
  • Both the birth and adoptive family deserve equal respect and courtesy.
  • Every participant in adoption experiences pain and loss in their own unique way and this should be recognized and respected.
  • The alleged birth father’s full participation in the adoption process is sought whenever possible.
  • Recognize a professional responsibility to assist clients to reach fully informed decisions. Therefore, we will protect prospective birth families from feelings of obligation to place their children for adoption and will support their right to change their minds prior to placement.
  • That prospective adoptive families have the right to examine and pursue as many avenues of adopting as they can emotionally and financially afford.
  • The spirit of candor begins with the adoption professional. Therefore, it is our responsibility to create a climate in which honesty is encouraged and reinforced.
  • It is our responsibility to uphold the highest ethical standards in all aspects of the adoption process and will not conceal any information relevant to the adoption process.
  • Recognize that adoption is a lifelong experience for all involved and that Adoption & Beyond must make every effort to remain a resource to everyone throughout the years to come.
  • We will operate our programs with fiscal integrity.
  • We have an obligation to share any significant results, positive and negative, with other professionals in the field.
  • We believe our efforts are best evaluated in terms of services provided, not numbers of placements made.
  • Unplanned pregnancy can bring hardship, therefore we support efforts to prevent it.
  • We recognize an obligation to contribute to the public’s understanding of adoption issues.
  • That integrity requires consistency in our beliefs and actions. Therefore, we strive to select our affiliations carefully, supporting organizations whose purposes and ethical practices are consistent with ours.
  • Understand that the practice of adoption is dynamic and continually evolving, therefore we are receptive to positive change.

Adoption & Beyond, Inc. does not endorse any particular candidate for public office or corporate sponsor, and Adoption & Beyond, Inc. has no agency relationship with organizations to which it may be linked.

Founded in 1998

After four years in the adoption field, Steffany Aye found herself choosing to leave her place of employment as the Child Placement Supervisor for a local adoption agency in order to finish her 2nd master’s degree. (Steffany’s first Master’s is in Family Life Education & Consultation and the second Master’s is in Social Work). As Steffany was finishing her degree requirements, she began exploring the idea of starting an adoption agency and Adoption & Beyond became a reality in the Fall of 1998. Though the agency originated from a small one-person home-based office, it eventually outgrew the house  and was relocated to Overland Park, Kansas, near 435 and Metcalf.  Steffany soon discovered that the agency needed still more space and it was again moved, to the current location at the corner of 162nd Street and Metcalf Avenue.

Adoption & Beyond is a not-for-profit child placing agency licensed in the states of Kansas and Missouri. It has a board of directors who oversees the operation of the agency, and it is run on a daily basis by its Founder and Director, Steffany Aye, along with the assistance of a wonderful team of adoption professionals.

Our people make the difference